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!!Brief Interviews trailer is up!!

September 6, 2009

Link is here; I can’t figure out how to embed it at the moment – I’ll mess about with it.
UPDATE: nm, I got it.

At Dave Wallace’s memorial last fall at Pomona College (where he was a professor and where I was a student, for those of you who don’t know), I ended up handing out programs at the door and directing people to wherever they were supposed to go.

At one point, when there was a bit of a scrum at the entrance and I was more or less chucking programs at people in order to get them through fast enough, I found myself handing over a program to a (very, very tall) John Krasinski. I’m not an Office watcher, but I knew who he was, but Jim was one of the last people I was expecting to see that day, and I was distracted by Jonathan Franzen’s nearby officious doucheyness, so I raised a few eyebrows at a friend and just let it go.  I figured that Krasinski was a just fan and wanted to pay his respects.

Now, it all makes sense.

I can’t decide how I feel about this movie – Krasinski’s brave, trying to turn Brief Interviews into a movie, it’s an impressive cast, and for some reason I find this dude absurdly attractive, so I’m hopeful. Intrigued, even. But honestly, I don’t think I would be if it wasn’t something by Dave. Perhaps it’s just the trailer, but it looks like one of those movies where the funny moments were thought up first and then someone tried to make a plot that would string them all together.


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