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Compared to these people, I’m doomed to be a talentless hack forever

September 7, 2009

Seriously, have any of you ever watched a beloved childhood classic and thought, “Gee, that syllable just there was really neat. I’ll bet if I put it together with a whole bunch of random sounds from this movie, I will make a beautiful trance-y techno song.”

If you said yes, I don’t believe you.

Except, of course, if you’re ridiculously young, Australian, and named Pogo, because you make videos like this:

Much hand-wringing was had in choosing which video to post here, because they’re all incredible. My other favorites are his versions of Hook (UPDATE: Baleeted because of stupid funkilling sony and their nonsensical enforcement of copyright laws.  Anonymous has taken up the cause and there are a whole bunch of re-uploaded versions on youtube now) and Mary Poppins, but he’s got a whole bunch of others at his unfortunately-named and possibly-misspelled youtube channel, fagottron.

The one he’s most famous for is his “Alice” mashup, which is also pretty cool but has made the internet rounds already.

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland and re-appropriation at its finest, here’s another video by waambat (of Three 6 Mafia Alice in in Wonderland fame), which is both more awesome and WAAAY nsfw, obviously: Miss Piggy singing Peaches’s “Fuck the Pain Away.”

I’d like to have a quarter of their awesome, please. That’s really all I need. Actually, I could make do with a pinky-size serving. kthx

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