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Postsecret disproves theory that I am unique snowflake

September 7, 2009

I have a ritual every Sunday morning: I roll over, open my laptop, check my email and go to the Sunday Postsecrets. I neither have nor want any of the postsecret books, but I look forward to the Sunday secrets all week.

It’s wild how many of them could have been written by me; not the love/death/life stuff, that’s the same for everyone. I mean weird ones, like this:


Borders does it to me too.  As soon as I walk in, it’s like BAM.  Why does that HAPPEN??  More importantly, why does it happen to other people, too?  This, people, is one of the true great mysteries of the universe. Maybe it’s all the fiber in the books.  You just have to get close to them and get overwhelmed.

A few other favorites:

2009-03-02_0229dog2The one about the dogs made me cry a little bit.



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