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Just a reminder: BMI is total bullshit

September 8, 2009

Given the amount of information there is on problems with BMI calculations, everyone should know this already.  However, it’s still used by a lot of doctors as a general benchmark, and it has that undeniable appeal of being a number, which lends it a sort of aura of objectivity.

Kate Harding, who runs a fat acceptance blog called Shapely Prose, has this awesome (and old, but hey, I’ve never seen it before) Flickr set called Illustrated BMI Categories.

This is what overweight looks like:

This is what obesity looks like:

This is what morbid obesity looks like:


Some of the people in the set look like what I think of when I think “obese,” “overweight,” etc. – but most of them are hot. Like the woman in the wetsuit above – damn, I wish I looked like that.


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