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Ninja Destruction Dog:

September 8, 2009

You don’t see where he is. Only where he’s been.


This isn’t that bad, actually, compared most other days.

I can never catch him doing it, but I wake up every morning to find a collection of things he’s collected and destroyed. We move everything he’s attracted to out of his reach, and so he finds new things to destroy.  So far, he’s chewed up shoes, bras, underwear, stuffed animals, and sticks -all par for the course.  But he’s also chewed disposable razors, soda cans, salt shaker (salt got EVERYWHERE), pens, rocks (Yes, rocks.), my brother’s brand new cell phone, my cell phone while I was using it, my brother’s computer mouse, the desktop’s wireless mouse, a pair of scissors, paper of all kinds, plastic bags (a perennial favorite, and wicker baskets.

When I leave him in the car, he takes cups of soda and rips them apart and spreads the ice all over the car.

I’m hoping this is just a puppy thing for him, but GOOD GOD DOG.  It’s not like he doesn’t have dozens of other toys to play with.  And another dog.  And he gets attention all the damn time.  *le sigh*

Also, he looks like a flatworm.

rory the flatworm

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