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True Blood season finale

September 8, 2009

I forgot that there wasn’t a True Blood episode last night, and my heart pretty much broke into little bitty pieces when I tried to watch it this morning.  This promo video made it a little better, but not by much, because pretty much all it does is remind me that after this Sunday, we will not have True Blood anymore for a very, very long time:

And what do the TV gods offer as compensation?  The Vampire Diaries, which is like Dawson’s Creek with blood and looks so horrifyingly bad I’m not even going to link it here.  Seriously – my threshold for acceptable TV fodder is extremely low, so if even I cringe at the promos, what’s the rest of the world going to do?  Probably scream and cry and put silhouettes of the stars in their rooms to watch them sleep, actually.

The beginning of September is the WORST. All the summer shows have finished, and none of the fall shows have started yet. I’ve been reduced to watching old episodes of Bones.

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