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Heh. Animals. Animals stoned. Heh.

September 10, 2009

Artist is Ursula Vernon, purveyor of many things weird and creator of the LOL WUT pear.  I love her art, even the flying penises, and like these guys, it regularly makes me feel hopelessly uncreative.

I DIGRESS. I recently ran across this video again. Ms. Vernon describes it best:

Apparently if you rub millipede goo on your fur, you get high. The lemurs–this has been observed in brown lemurs and in ringtails–display every sign of being high as little fuzzy kites. Their eyes get glazed and buggy, they stagger around in the branches, their tongues stick out, and I assume once the naturalists stop looking, they go pig out on Doritos and giggle a lot.

(Obviously millipede should only be used responsibly and in moderation. Do not millipede and drive. Just say no to millipede, kids! Etc.)

It’s pretty old, but it’s still awesome:

This made me laugh:

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