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Okay, James Cameron. You win.

September 10, 2009

I just got back from a (very long and very late) showing of Inglourious Basterds, which by the way I am very much looking forward to dropping off my radar because I just cannot manage to spell both words Tarantino-style at the first go.  The Avatar trailer ran before the movie, which came out a while ago and made the whole Internet reply with a resounding, “Meh.”

I mean, James Cameron was kind of asking for it – he claimed it was going to change the way movies were made forever. O RLY? But seeing it on the big screen, I kind of saw what he was getting at.

Okay, he was still asking for it, and no way is it going to “change the way movies are made,” but  THE COLORS! It was gorgeous.  Condensed onto a player a few inches wide, it loses everything.  It really, actually has to be seen on a big screen – not just to be properly appreciated, but to be appreciated at all.

Damn you James Cameron and your evil genius plan to make me pay to see a movie.

(click through to the youtube site to see a bigger version)

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