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Rule number 34, let me show you it.

September 10, 2009


Remember your rules of the internet?  If you don’t, I’m ashamed of you.  Go spend 3 hours on enyclopedia dramatica and come back.  I’ll wait.

Rule 34 is best explained like this.  Twilight’s gotten more than its fair share of it, no surprise, but it’s been mostly fanart and slash fic by 15-year-old girls…UNTIL NOW.

Because this has happened. (slightly NSFW after the jump)

“When you can fuck forever, you can fuck everybody.” Well played, Devil Films.  Well played.  (My first thought when I saw this, of all things, was that “everyone” would have sounded better than “everybody.”  I feel bad about myself.)

Three-quarters of my traffic today has come from “twilight porn” searches (because of this post), and I’m not sure whether that should make me laugh or if I should just hand my head in shame. I’m absolutely burning with curiosity about whether fans will love it (because after all this, this, and this exist), hate it, or say they hate it and secretly buy it, but I’m afraid of Twilight fan forums.  Dark, dark things happen there.

This Isn’t Twilight comes out on Oct. 15, which has nothing to do with the New Moon mania sure to start well before its Nov. 20 release, I’m sure.

UPDATE: apparently, this is porno number 2.  The first one was called Twilight of Virginity and looks lame except for this publicity picture, and as far as I’m concerned this makes it all worth it.

twilight porn face


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