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In which ANTM contestants’ full names are revealed and spoilers abound

September 14, 2009

Just because I love ANTM at 3:00 a.m. more than any other time of day, here’s the second ANTM post of the night.

The contestant’s full (mostly confirmed) names, spoiler pictures, and rumors after the jump:

Amber DePace (she’s highly google-able, if you’re interested)
Ashley Howard
Bianca Richardson
Brittany Markert
Courtney Davies
Erin Wagner
Jennifer An
Kara Vincent
Laura Kirkpatrick
Lisa Ramos
Lulu Braithwaite
Nicole Fox
Rachel Echelberger
Ashley “Rae” Weisz
Sundai Love

Scroll down for more spoilers:


Some very industrious fangirl deconstructed the trailer for this week and Bambi-Anime girl appears to be missing, casualty of the first of the two eliminations. CATASTROPHE! I kind of loved her – she was so wacky-looking.

Pap pictures of the girls in their “international destination”: Hawai’i.
There’s some indication that Courtney is a decoy – as in, she was eliminated before but is hanging around to throw us all off.  Doesn’t seem totally unlikely, as, judging by the last picture, they’ve got at least one decoy going on.  Unless I am blind and haven’t noticed an invisible 15 contestant.  The pictures are pretty fuzzy, but my guess on the girls in the pictures (influenced heavily by my own fantasies) are:





I feel like Jennifer just has to be there somewhere, just cause she’s the only Asian who’s seriously been a competitor (remember Gina? sweet, hopelessly stupid Gina?) but where are the other girls of color?  Tyra usually doesn’t let the competition get this whitewashed this early in the game.

Also, does anyone else think it’s awesome that there are so many female crew members around?

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