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Wait, what do you expect to me to watch till True Blood comes back?

September 15, 2009

So.  True Blood’s done.  I can’t say anything about it without spoilers, so everything – including a lafayette gif!! – is after the jump.

I was toying with the idea of doing a True Blood finale recap, but after watching it, I don’t even have the energy, and anyway, does it way better. “…Still I was all yay yay clappy clappy” is definitely entering my lexicon in some capacity, though I’m not sure how to do it yet.  But this is definitely what “yay yay clappy clappy” looks like:


I love Lafayette.

All I have to say is, blugh.  It was like the writers had a laundry list of hanging plot points that they were working through that had very little to do with each other, and once those had all been checked off, they were like “BLAM! CLIFFHANGER.  BLANG! CLIFFHANGER.  Now have fun with the Vampire Diaries for the rest of the year.”

Only, they weren’t CLIFFHANGERS as much as they were (cliffhangers), with totally obvious resolutions – yeah, they’re not going to kill vampire bill.  Also, they destroyed the bits with Jessica being adorable with Hoyt (he’s almost 30?!?!?!?) and Jessica being adorable with Vampire Bill and all around made me sad.  I was even a little sad when Eggs died, though not too sad, because I realized around 4 episodes that I liked him much better when I’m a lolfan than when I’m a real fan.

As a side note, I really wish Evan Rachel Wood would either go away or fucking TRY to, you know, act, but if you’ve read the books it’s pretty clear what they’re setting up for next season, so we’re stuck with her…I’ve only read a few of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels, so I don’t know how much True Blood follows the books, but there are only so many ways that awkward introduction of Sookie’s cousin can play out.

Only 2 months till New Moon lolfan material…dance!!


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