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Chris Rock is my new hero, and I’m not quite sure how it happened

October 2, 2009


Dude vanishes completely off the radar (at least my radar) for years, and then he suddenly pops up on the talk show circuit, presumably promoting some movie or other, and starts saying all these incredibly insightful and funny things about some pretty serious issues. Like Roman Polanski. I’ll let Chris Rock get in his piece about this first:

Check it out, seriously – wordpress won’t support embedding for hulu so I can’t put it up here.

A choice quote:

This Polanski thing got me, man.  What the hell? People are defending Roman Polanski ’cause he made some good movies? Are you kidding me? He made good movies 30 years ago, Jay. Come on! Even Johnnie Cochran don’t have the nerve to go, ‘Well, did you see O.J. play against New England?’

The actual Polanski thing is sticky and complicated and I have complicated feelings about it, but what’s got me so upset is how many celebrities are calling for his release. As in, they don’t have any issue with publicly announcing that they are rape apologists.  Half of Hollywood has petitioned for his release, and the part that upsets me most is that it appears to be the intelligentsia half, including Natalie Portman, which was my own little heartbreak, because I’ve had a crush on her for ages.  I guess she’s too busy designing her vegan shoe line to think.

I’m leery of erasing shades of gray, but in this particular instance there isn’t any, guys.  Dude pleaded guilty to raping A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL and then pranced off to Europe to be a world-famous and Oscar-nominated (winning?) director over there.  There is no question about that.

But I don’t know him personally, and many who do are saying stuff like “he had a hard life,” so maybe prancing around Europe being a director isn’t as awesome as I imagine.  Maybe he had to sell his body for drugs, because that’s the only thing I can think of that would be so horrible that it would make people say, yeah, it’s okay, you can rape that child.  But as one blogger wisely put it today, a study indicated that all serial killers were survivors of serious abuse.  But – and here I’m maybe paraphrasing just a smidge – no one suggests we give them a sticker and a lollipop and send them on their way.  Polanski’s no serial killer, but he did do something that was seriously screwed up.


Okay that made me feel better.

Oh, I got so busy ranting I forgot; I loved him here too – he and Oprah discuss black hair and weaves and a whole subcategory of blackness that I knew very little about.  It’s barely a post-script here, but it’s really good, too – I just can’t rant about race at the same volume as sexual assault.

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