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A few things.

January 9, 2010

I KNOW!  It’s been a long time.  I just haven’t really had anything to say.  I don’t know how often I’ll be updating, but I’m around and I’m chugging along on one thing or another, and I love it when people stop by and say hi.

A few things I have learned in my over-2-month absence:

The Road was everything I dreamed it would be. After more than a year of pushback after pushback, it was quietly – silently, really – let out into the wild in a few theaters.  The closest screening I could get to was over an hour away (OHIO I HATE YOU) but man it was worth it.  It was Cormac McCarthy’s novel made into a movie.  The plot wiggled a bit, with the whole flashback thing, but the brutality of the despair in every page made it through loud and clear.  It was dirty and brutal (I can’t think of a better word so I’ll overuse it) and so incredible.  I never cry at movies (well, maybe a little tear or two but I’m real sneaky about it) but when the lights came up at the end I was bawling.  Full-on ugly-face bawling.

ONE SENTENCE SPOILER ALERT so don’t read this next paragraph if you don’t know how the story ends.

Viggo Mortensen’s death scene was absolutely incredible.  I know saying that “the actor made himself so vulnerable” is such a catchphrase, but this is the first time I’ve understood what exactly that means.  The boy’s performance during the death was also insanely good.  Seriously where did they find that kid.


It was a post-apocalypse movie without explosions, without any people running around being sexy, and certainly nothing even a little fun about it.  I read a lot of books in my research for my thesis, and this was the book where I really for the first time believed myself when I said I wanted to die in the Apocalypse, cause man it’d suck to live.  I haven’t really been paying much attention to awards buzz, and I haven’t heard The Road being mentioned at all, but dammit it should get all of them.  Or at least Best Actor.

Avatar was fine. Gorgeous movie, fucking fantastic world-building, don’t really care if I ever see it again, for pretty much the reasons that everyone else has been saying (ie, fairly uninteresting storyline).  Watching it was like eating a whole box of truffles – I’m absurdly, incandescently happy with everything when I’m in the experience, but when I finish I’m still hungry and feeling a bit ill (3D just does not agree with me for some reason).  But everyone and their 6-legged dog is analyzing the movie, so that’s as far as I need to go.  And the people who are whining all over forums about how horrible the real world is and how they are considering suicide in hopes of being reincarnated in a place like Pandora?  Buck the fuck up.

Sherlock Holmes was OMGAWESOME. It was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  The story was spot-on, Downey Jr., Law, and McAdams were all superb, and dammit I want his vest in that poster.  Because it was so stylized and flashy, I expected to see a fluff movie – the kind that’s so enjoyable you’re willing to forgive its badness – but instead what I got was a movie that was better because if it’s style and flash.  It could get away with being unsubtle and having the occasional awesome shot that would be too flashy in a normal movie (like the zoomout of Blackwood at the end, and the “this-way-up” shot), and because it was inviting everyone to see it as a campy film, it was able to string out the “Is it magic?” question believably to pretty much the very end.  But it wasn’t campy at all – it was just really, really good.  Like Iron Man, it took a popular and easily-fluffed genre and owned it with a genuinely good film.

Daybreakers was kind of lame. This one made me sad.  I’ve been looking forward to this movie for months and months and it was just a passable B-movie.  The concepts were SO there, but the execution was not.  It was like it was trying to be campy but then just made everyone (or at least me) cringe instead.  A lot of people really liked it, so I guess this is just one of those polarizing films, but I was annoyed.  But also I may have been expecting it to heal all of the damage done by some certain proponents of sparklemotion, so I may have been hanging a bit too much on it.

Joss Whedon can only be truly awesome after he’s been canceled. Because all of a sudden Dollhouse got totally awesome, and I think it’s only because he’s not saving anything for the swim back (like that certain thing Dr. Saunders does – HOLYSHIT).  It is so good now, and it really kind of puts the rest of the series to shame, so next time, Mr. Whedon, STOP MARKING TIME.  None of this episodic mission-an-episode bullshit anymore.  Fox sucks, blah blah blah. break your damn formula, please.

And that is everything I learned in 2 months, and no I didn’t read any books I’m not embarrassed to admit and no I haven’t got a real job yet and yes living in my parents’ house is slowly driving me mad.

Until next time (which could be tomorrow, and could be in the next century), peas and love.

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  1. Barnesm permalink
    January 9, 2010 11:52 pm

    Yay, good to see you posting, even better the hear that ‘The Road’ is a good as the book. Hasn’t screened out here yet but will make the effort to see it. After all I don’t have to drive a hour to the cinema.

  2. Rhett permalink
    January 10, 2010 7:18 pm

    Wow shocked to hear the road was good- I didn’t think there was any was it could represent the book effectively. I’ll have to go see it now.

  3. December 7, 2011 5:44 am

    Two months?! More like two years!

    Where are you now that “Take Shelter” and “Melancholia” are out as sort of high-end apocalyptic flicks? You are the Siegfried Kracauer of our age.

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